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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"Borrowed" is coming to a close...but don't forget to check out "Traveler"!



Elsie Kent is a neophyte to a brilliant young scientist, Dechlin Pierce, who has given a bad reputation to the concept of time travel. She, like many other visionaries, has formed a secret society. They are called Travelers. Only dreamers, they are watching closely under the nose of the inventor, Dechlin, for the first chance to take a step into the future. Elsie is the lowlier twin, with a tomboy edge. She waits patiently for her chance to prove to Dechlin that she is capable of being one of the first Travelers. However, her sister Eva makes the team, leaving Elsie emotionally hurt.
Dechlin preserves his true identity from the strictly governed city of London, controlled by his father Sterling Pierce. He fears for the Queen and his nation, because the Watchers, Sterling's scientists are an impending danger that will create dire consequences. In order to prove that this could decimate his country, he sends him and his first team to the future.

But they never return.
Dechlin’s time travel journey’s the Travelers 53 years into the future, accidently forwarding them into the Wild West of America, 1890. It's discovered that the Watchers have plagued more than just London.

When they gather to return to 1837, London, their journey plunges them further back in time.

Elsie is swept into the mess of the travel efforts, when she secretly boarded with the Traveler’s. Now she must face challenges she never thought imaginable. She discovers America, the Wild West, and outlaws, as well as gadgeteers clashing with gunslingers. But her biggest discovery is the desolate lands and monstrosities roaming freely. Journey back in time and find out the fate of our Traveler.

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